Operations Consultant

Seer is a fast growing digital marketing agency with a team of Seer 1over 100 people in offices in Philadelphia and San Diego. They’ve been providing smart SEO, Paid Search and Analytics services to clients for thirteen years. Over the last few years, Seer has experienced considerable growth and become a trusted partner for many of their clients. As a trusted partner, SEER has the opportunity to have an even larger role in their clients’ business.

To do so, they asked me to examine their current organizational structure and determine how they might better serve clients, grow business and support their teams. They wanted to understand what agency account management looks like, how it might help them grow business and what they need to do to incorporate account management/client engagement services into their organization.

I helped them build a structure, process and organization hierarchy to ensure integration of account services into their organization would be a success.

“Working with Ali was a great experience. Ali brought the leadership and expertise we were looking for to help us carve out a brand new role within Seer that would be setup for success. From the moment Ali began working with the team, it was as if she had always been there, caring deeply for our clients, team and the overall success of Seer. It’s rare to find consultants who bring that level of commitment and care on day one.

Ali became a trusted resource for everyone in a very short time. Her recommendations always went a step above and beyond and were articulated in a way that showed she truly understood our culture and company goals. Ali’s ability to assess a situation and know exactly how to approach it for the best outcome is unmatched.

If we could, we’d have Ali join the Seer team tomorrow!”

Crystal Anderson O’Neill – President, Seer Interactive