Advertising/marketing agencies and digital shops, this one is for you. There’s no need to spend time training me: I’m a seasoned account management professional ready to jump in for a pitch, fill in for an employee who is temporarily unavailable (maternity leave, special project, sabbatical, etc.), or manage a short-term project. If I’ve done my job right, you should see business growth and very happy clients.

Let me help you:

  • Provide thought leadership to help guide clients in the traditional and digital ad spaces.
  • Provide strategic value beyond day-to-day campaign tactics and ideas.
  • Identify client risks or opportunities and manage client teams to respond effectively to needs before they become project-killers.
  • Translate the client’s needs and brand personality to internal teams.
  • Create creative briefs, project briefs or point-of-view documents so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Manage all aspects of user research and focus groups.
  • Develop on-boarding documents for future account-management hires.