On This Particular Saturday I Left Feeling Energized and Inspired

One Saturday last month, I spent eleven hours working on a client’s photoshoot. Usually this kind of statement would result in me making a “poor me” face.

It’s not that I mind working long hours or even working over the weekend. And there are worse things (navigating Ikea) than hanging out with creative and talented people while taking photos of amazing subjects. It’s just that this type of assignment can normally leave me drained and grumpy. But not this one! On this particular Saturday I left feeling energized and inspired.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania (BBBS SEPA) is turning 100 this year and they asked me to help identify gaps and develop a campaign strategy that would help BBBS SEPA connect with the community. They also asked if I could help orchestrate all the moving parts of this huge milestone. One of the more important moving parts was a photoshoot that involved taking photos of nine matches, Bigs and Littles, which would be used in a future marketing campaign.

All nine matches showed up on time, release forms in hand, ready for their close-ups. Some of the matches had been together for many years and some less than two, but all of them had a very special relationship. They talked about the basketball tournaments they played in together and the flower show they were about to attend. They used words like “friendship,” “powerful” and “everything” when describing what mentorship means to them.

Being a former Big Sister, I believe in the mission and know firsthand what an impact mentoring can make, not only on the kids involved- but also in the larger community but it’s always good to be reminded.

On this particular Saturday I felt alive imagining what our city would be like if every capable adult mentored just one person. Just one.

If you’re able, become a mentor. makeitbig100.org.

A big thanks to Jasen Hudson photography and BBBS SEPA for making one particular Saturday a very special and memorable day for me.